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About me

​My name is Olga, Owner of Olga's Cremation and Burial Funeral Shop, A Funeral Retail Service Company in Claremont CA. Olga offers Caskets-Headstones-Urns-Flowers-Sympathy Flowers-Re-sale Cemetery Plots at a huge savings from your Corporate owned Funeral Cemetery companies. 

As a woman owned Funeral Retail business who tackled the big corporations over 20 years ago by offering Caskets 50% less after Funeral Trade Commission made way for casket retailers to sell to the public I was able to save families thousands of dollars. lt was not easy, The big boxed corporations who marked up caskets 70% weren't very happy that I was able to bite in to their profit. As the only girl of four brothers I was up for the challenge. Now I take pride in ensuring each family I serve will be educated in planning their loved ones funeral. 


Olga services all of Southern California in re-sale cemetery property and is licensed with the funeral and cemetery bureau. Families are now going for cremation at high numbers due to the fact that a traditional burial funeral is now $20,000 vs cremation $595-$995. Olga offers locaI re-sale property at Rose Hills-Forest-lawns-Oakdale-Bellevue Cemeteries. [f you know longer need your burial plots or niche's Olga can help you sell them too! 

Offerings ​

When it comes to choosing the appropriate place for your loved, we offer various options for caskets, headstones,

urns, keepsakes and cemetery plots.

Funeral Consulting ​

Independently owned, licensed under cemetery plots, sales license CES54391.

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