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We offer a variety of options that balances quality, service and price. Please see the following offerings below. Looking for something not pictured? Please contact us directly so we can help you further.

Companion Options

Companion Options.PNG

Memorial Options

memorial options.PNG
memorial options 2 .PNG
memorial portrati options.PNG

Granite Options

granite options.PNG

Individual Granite Options

JC 106.PNG
jc 122.PNG
JC 213.PNG
JC 601.PNG
JC 707.PNG
jc 805.PNG
JC 813.PNG
JC 816.PNG
JC 872.PNG
JC 903.PNG
JC 904.PNG
JC 918.PNG

Granite Options

Are you looking for something that isn't here ?

I'm available by phone or email 

(626) 833-9188


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